Affordable Tire & Service Center Pro Late Models

The Pro Late Model class at Owosso Speedway is in it’s 3rd year of sponsorship by Affordable Tire & Service Center from Lansing Mi. This class of cars is one of our Premier Divisions and they are true race cars with 500 horsepower engines and fabricated racing chassis! At many race tracks these cars are called Limited Late Models or Super Stocks.

At Owosso Speedway you will see basically two types of Pro Late Models. You will see a Template Body style and an Outlaw Body style.The Template Body will appear similar to a street car that is road legal. It will have rounded fenders and a “stock” looking nose piece. The Outlaw Body cars will have flat sides and may actually have a bar on the rear that serves as a bumper. The nose on an Outlaw car is usually wedge shaped but it must have a pre-mandated style of nose-piece. The top Pro Late Models will race around the 3/8ths mile track in the High 15 second to Low 16 second time bracket. These cars are very fast and very responsive for handling. It is normal to have them racing 3 wide for several laps before they settle into racing side by side.We always have a good turnout of Pro Late Models for race night. We will start as many as 24 cars for our 30 lap feature event. The Pro Late Models are a high powered class that many veteran drivers compete in to race against the best short track drivers in the state. It is also a class that the young up and coming drivers use as a stepping stone to further their racing careers. You will be thrilled by the horsepower and the speed of the Pro Late Model Division!

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