Begg Wins By A Bumper

The final feature of the evening would be one of the most dramatic. The 25-lap Economy Print and Graphics / Chet’s Auto Service Sportsmen. Ed Newman Jr. lead the field to Jeremy Slayden’s green flag, but Andrew Clark would claim the lead on lap one. He would lead three more laps, before Billy Hagon got up front to lead his first laps of the season. Shortly thereafter Travis Skarvi would catch up to Hagon and the two would begin a side-by-side battle around the oval. Chris Begg would work his way up to interject himself in the battle as well. The three drivers would be close enough to throw a blanket over as they raced around the Speedway. In the end, it would be Begg winning by a bumper. Hagon settled for second with Skarvi, Vinnie Miller and Tom Stone finishing up the top five. Ken Jostock Jr. and Eric Olsen would claim heat race wins with Begg setting fast time with a 16.986 just .108 seconds off of the track record.

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