Chet’s Auto Service/ Economy Print & Graphics Sportsman

This is the inaugural year for Chet’s Auto Service and Economy Print & Graphics to sponsor the Sportsman Division. The Sportsman class is made up of a lot of different rear wheel drive makes and models of cars and trucks! This class of cars gives our racers an opportunity to build a car that is very adjustable for changing track conditions and driveability. Portions of the chassis must remain “stock” but other portions of the car can be fabricated for racing.

The rules for the Sportsman class allow for a lot of flexibility in creating these racing machines and so it is easy to pick out your favorite racer by the colors and the type of car that he/she races! The Sportsman Division has racers from all age groups and walks of life. We have had 13 year old Middle School students and 80 year old Medical Doctors driving! This division is “grass roots” racing and it is always fun and exciting. Many times in 2011 we started the 25 lap features with 23 or more cars! The Chet’s Auto Service/ Economy Print & Graphics Sportsman cars will make laps in the 17 second bracket and will reach speeds of almost 90 miles per hour on the backstretch and all the while race side-by-side!

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