July 7th Special Event! Pure Stock Drivers; Check this Out!

We are extremely excited to have the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprints as our Main Event for the July 7th Weekend once again this season! We usually cap the night off with the best display of fireworks in Shiawassee County. However this year we have to make a change with the fireworks format for a couple of reasons; our fireworks company was unable to come up with a “licensed shooter” for our display on the 7th (Most every other weekend and week night was available, but not the 7th) The second reason that we will not be having fireworks is because of the dry grass and fields around the race track. Fireworks shot hundreds of feet into the air can send burning embers hundreds of yards away from the intended landing zone and we just are not willing to take a chance on ruining someone’s crop. Our local farmers do not need any more heat applied to their fields this year! To make things more interesting on this race evening we will be adding an additional 10 laps to our Shiawassee Shores Pure Stock feature and we will be throwing a little more money in the purse for them! In Fact, we are reverting our Pay Out to the Nationals Pay Out! $250 to win, $70 for 10th and $60 to start. If we go caution free for 30 laps, Fast Track will pay every position an additional $20! We are also bringing back the Spectator Drags for this event and we will pay $100 to see who has the fastest car around the 3/8ths mile track! We have been watering the concourse area all week in anticipation of watching our young racers put on a sparkler display! There will be something fun and exciting for everyone of all ages so bring the kids out and enjoy a great holiday weekend! Gates open at 12 noon, qualifying starts at 5:00 pm and the best racing in the state will start at 7:00 pm! Grandstand pricing is $20 for adults 16 years and older, Senior Citizens are $15.00 and Kids 15 and under are always Free, Free, Free! Coolers are welcome, just No glass containers.

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