Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service Modifieds

Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service, from Lansing Mi, is a First Year Sponsor of the Modified Division at Owosso Speedway! The Modified Division is the only “open wheel” division that Owosso Speedway runs regularly. It has been said that Owosso Speedway is becoming the Home of the Modifieds since the car count in the Pit area has gone up dramatically over the past 3 years.

It is not unusual to have 25 – 35 entries in the pits on the nights that the Modifieds are scheduled! The Modifed class dates back to the earliest form of short track racing. The 1932 Ford Coupe with the flat-head v-8 engine was the preferred body style and engine combination during the earliest days of racing. This class of car has no front fenders and it is very exciting to watch these cars battle for position without touching each other! You will see many different styles of bodies and looks to these cars and you may notice a series of bars on the side of the car. Those bars are called “nerf bars” and they protect the driver from the other competitor’s exposed front tire! These cars are one of our Premier Divisions and are capable of speeds approaching 80 miles per hour down the backstretch! Most of these cars have 500 horsepower engines and they will make laps in the High 15 second to Low 16 second range at racing speed. The Drive Train Specialists Modifieds are certainly a fan favorite and a crowd pleaser! 24 Modifieds taking to the track for their 30 lap feature event is a sight to behold and a thrill to experience!

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