Mid West Racing Scene Powder Puff

Mid West Racing Scene will be sponsoring their first ever Division this season! The Powder Puff racing series will be using the Pure Stock Division cars. The Powder Puff series is a 7 race mini series for our lady racers only! This is going to be an exciting year for our ladies for a couple of different reasons. First; our girls will be taking to the track in search of a true Championship! These girls are going to compete just like the guys do and you will see some racers with a lot of experience and others that are just learning how to turn left and go fast! The second reason that this will be so exciting is because there is a huge Grand Prize package for our Season Powder Puff Champion!

We have some amazing prizes that we are going to combine along with the weekly cash prizes that the girls will be racing for. Many of our lady racers have their own car built, especially for them, so this season you are going to see more cars than ever racing at Owosso Speedway! The Powder Puff Division is going to headline our racing event a couple of times this season. Be sure to check the schedule and mark the date for a great night of racing as the girls let their hair down and mash the gas pedal to the floor to see who will be crowned Queen of the Mid West Racing Scene Powder Puff Division in 2012!

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