Molly Gokee Wins Feature, Championship

The Midwest Racing Scene Powder Puffs would hit the track first for their 15-lap Championship feature, and it would be a great race. Courtney Tarrant would start things off up front, but it would be the two championship contenders, Cheri Gokee and Molly Gokee up in front the next time around. The two ladies would race side by side lap after lap, trading the lead several times, while also slicing through lapped traffic. In the end, it would be Molly Gokee crossing the line first and putting her name in the record books as 2012 Midwest Racing Scene Powder Puffs Track Champion. Cheri Gokee was a close second with Mandy Gokee, Jen Standley and Courtney Tarrant rounding out the top five.

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