Right around the corner!

To Say that Rick and I are excited about the 2012 Racing Season would definitely be an understatement.  We seem to be just as busy as we are during racing  season, with just a few lazy dazes sprinkled in here and there.   Our sponsor list is growing daily with more and more people  sharing their advertising dollars with us.  We take that very seriously and we are really committed to do our best and make sure they get the best deal around.  As soon as the weather breaks (some say its been broke all winter) we will be busy getting the track ready for company! Cleaning, painting and getting her all spruced up  for one of the best seasons she has ever seen.  So  for now we have work to do getting our schedule to press along with brochures and  setting up our program which is going to be more than full this year.  In addition to all of that we are working on getting the souvenir stand stocked with allot more branding items than ever before…..

So, now for my favorite part!  I am getting so excited for the All New Powder Puff Series this year.  We are cementing down a Title sponsor for this class as well and I am literally busting at the seams to share the crazy excitement that is coming soon.  I can tell you just a little.  There will be three packages to be awarded to the top three places in the Powder puff series.  The winners will definitely be treated to some very nice surprises.  As soon as we have all the details ironed out YOU will be the first to know. So now you have a sneak preview on what we have been up to.  Keep an eye on the website and on our Facebook page because……… racing season is ………Right around the corner!

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