Shiawassee Shores Pure Stocks & Powder Puff

Shiawassee Shores Retirement Park Inc in Linden, Mi is sponsoring a division of race cars for their third year in a row! This season, the Pure Stock Division will have the backing of this beautiful retirement community. The Pure Stock class may also be called “Detroit Iron” or “Bombers” at other race tracks. These cars are definitely what short track racing was built around from the very beginning.

Generally speaking, these cars are full-size, 1970’s and 1980’s American Made vehicles. There are wheel base length requirements that these cars must meet so you won’t see any “sports car” style bodies on the track. The rules are designed so that safety is first, and other than that; knock the glass out, remove the mirrors and let’s go racing! These cars will race on radial tires much like your car has. There is not a lot of adjustability for changing track conditions so our racers will be searching for that sweet groove to run all night long. This class has also been referred to as the “black and blue” division because the cars do tend to become dinged up a bit. As you will see at Owosso, there are plenty of good looking race cars in this class because the guys and gals have room to run on this big, wide track. The bumping and banging happens when we start 24 of these cars for their 20 Lap Feature Event! These cars will travel this track in the 50-60 mile per hour range and they will turn laps in the low 19 second bracket.

The Pure Stock Division will also be the Division that our Powder Puff racers use! You will be amazed at how adept our lady drivers are at wheeling these full-bodied stock cars around this track! Click the Powder Puff Button at the top of the page to read all about this racing series!

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