Sport Stocks

The Sport Stock Division at Owosso Speedway is the only Front Wheel Drive class that we race. Other tracks may call them Pony Stocks or Cyber Stocks and those cars would be very similar to what we have. Our Sport Stocks can have either a 4 cylinder or a 6 cylinder engine with a certain length for their wheelbase. There are a few models and makes of cars that are not allowed to compete, but you will see a variety of different cars competing in this class.

Owosso Speedway is a big track for this type of car so the racers are always trying to get their cars to handle through the corners so that they can keep their speed up for the long straightaways. These cars race on a radial tire very similar to what your passenger car has. They will be turning laps comparable to the Pure Stocks and run in the mid 19 second bracket. The Sport Stocks will be racing 3 wide easily and they will make it really exciting when they go 4 wide entering the corner! The Sport Stock class has a rule that they can not pass for position before the start/finish line whenever we start a race. This rule is a safety rule so that we do not have too many cars trying to enter Turn One at the same time! This class is designed more for an entry level driver, but it is good competition for all skill levels and age groups. The Sport Stock Division takes advantage of the variety of newer cars created in the last 10 years and is very economical to race. Check out the Sport Stock Rules if you are interested in getting into racing and building a race car.

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