Etchison gets a Lollipop!

Affordable Tire & Service Center was handing out Lollipops on Autograph Night and Ryan Etchison made sure that he got one! When it was handed to him he said, “thanks dude, this may be my lucky sucker!” It may have been; but it took some skill to race through 18 Affordable Tire & Service Center Pro Late Models and 9 cautions during the 30 lap feature event. On lap #15 the final caution came out and Etchison had made it up to 2nd behind Nate Freel. On lap #16 Ryan Etchison took the lead from Freel and never looked back. Tony Basalone had held the lead briefly on lap 12 and then fell back two spots during those 4 laps. Basalone made it back up to 2nd for the checkered flag. The race had 6 lead changes among Phillip Smalley, Mark Pettit, Russ Cords, Nate Freel, Tony Basalone and then finally Ryan Etchison settling it for good. Freel would finish 3rd; Jimmy O Smith finished 4th; John Forsythe III finished 5th. Fast qualifier was Russ Cords. Kyle Smith, Jeff Jostock and Tony Basalone took the Heat race wins.

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