Jason Felver Wins the Ron Hauser Memorial!

August 3, 2013 – 50 Laps of Green Flag racing faced the field of 25 cars for the Ron Hauser Memorial Pro Late Model Event! There were 27 entries for the race but 2 cars broke during practice. Dave Bigos paid a very nice tribute to his friend and co-owner of Owosso Speedway in front of a large crowd just before the start of the event. The top 8 qualifiers were locked into the first 8 starting positions and each driver pulled a number to determine where he would start. Jason Felver would draw the number 2 while Fast Qualifier, Blake Childers, drew a 5. The stage was set for a race where any one of the top 14 cars had a shot at winning. 12 cautions and 1 red flag condition would plague the race but each time the Owosso Option would reset the field and allow for the jockeying of positions. Jason Felver would lead the majority of the laps but Childers and Ryan Etchison, who started 10th, would get their opportunities to lead as well. The sponsored “lap money” started on Lap # 19 in honor of Ron Hauser and that is when the race really got interesting. Childers and Felver traded almost lap for lap as they raced side by side with near photo finishes on every lap until Lap #36 when Childers spun out and then was clobbered by an unsuspecting, Jeff Jostock. Immediately on Lap # 37 Ryan Etchison took his shot at Felver and the lead. Felver regained the lead on Lap # 41 and Etchison harried him until the end. Tony Basalone took over the second spot from Etchison on Lap # 47 but Etchison earned the spot back on the white flag lap. The $1,119.00 winner’s purse and trophy went to Jason Felver. Ryan Etchison finished 2nd, Tony Basalone 3rd, Joe Hodgeson Jr; last year’s race winner, finished 4th and Dave Bigos finished 5th. The heat race wins went to Tony Basalone, Tom Hoose and Ryan Etchison. The race lasted 1 hour and 36 minutes.

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