Molly Gokee Again!

August 3, 2013 – Molly Gokee received a serious challenge from Barbara Briggs in the Midwest Racing Scene Powder Puff 15 Lap Feature Event. Briggs took the lead on Lap # 3 and immediately drove away from the field. Gokee started 5th for the event and it appeared that she would not be able to get up to the front but an opening in traffic allowed her to shoot through. On Lap # 6 the opportunity came for Gokee to continue her winning streak as Briggs slowed for lapped traffic. On Lap # 12 the only caution came out as Amanda Morse headed for the Yard Sale Sign off the backstretch and the field lined back up single file. Briggs had one more shot at Gokee by trying the bottom groove but she couldn’t make it stick and Gokee drove away for the win. April Robinson finished 3rd, Jen Standley finished 4th and Leanne Tudor finished 5th.

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