The Forces of Nature! 6-8-13

Somewhere in my house I have a physics book that is 40 years old dating back to my High School career. I’m sure that I remember reading in that book that there is a physical “law” proving that there is a reaction of equal strength to any action taken. I think that it describes putting pressure on an object, thought or idea and then getting an equal response back from that pressure. The response back could be a positive response or it could be a negative response; On June 8th, I believe that I witnessed both responses to some great pressures that were applied!

Late in the past week we improved the lighting at the track by adding 5 new fixtures. I was able to witness the difference in the lighting on Friday night when I fired them up around 10:30 pm. The difference was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t wait to let everyone know that the racers and fans alike were really going to enjoy the improvement! In fact on my way home from the track, Jennie posted on Facebook that the new lights were up and it was going to be something to behold. That was exactly the case last night during racing when we lit the track; For approximately 1 hour; Then the fuses blew and everything went dark!

When the lights went out during that first feature I had a suspicion that we had just had a reaction from adding those 5 new lights. I was hoping that maybe the fuses that had just blown were a little used up and that putting in Brand New fuses would take care of the problem. As we all found out approximately one hour later, the new fuses also blew and the track went dark again! So now I had 2 negative reactions to adding those 5 lights and the situation was beyond my scope of knowledge to find the solution. I did know that if we plugged in two more fuses we were going to get the exact same reaction again and I didn’t want to see that 3rd strike.

So I applied a little pressure of my own. Nick Irland, Chet Hagon, George Hagon and a few other people whose names I do not know came to the rescue with positive ideas and the tools to check out those ideas to see if they would work. The pressure applied challenged us to come up with a well thought out plan to get the system back up before the entire night had to be cancelled. A well placed phone call got electronics guru, Radio Rick Irland to the track to give us the technical guidance that we needed. We ran the plan past Radio Rick and then waited for his response. After more checking with the proper tools that Radio Rick carries with him, we allowed Rick, actually forced Rick to perform the procedure that would give us lasting light! As you know, we got a very positive response from that pressure that was applied and our lights performed flawlessly for the next 3 hours!

I have a sincerest Thank You for Radio Rick, Nick Irland, Chet Hagon, George Hagon and those folks that stopped by our electrical room with encouraging words and kept holding us up from “caving in” under the pressure. Times of trouble provides us with opportunities for leadership and direction. The Forces of Nature seem to always bring the people at Owosso Speedway together and that is one of the things that makes this race track such a special place. Thank you to everyone for making last night such a great night!                              Rick

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