The Season is Shaping Up!

We are extremely excited about this season! Every day I am getting phone calls from new race teams inquiring about racing at Owosso Speedway! We certainly will prove that we are “The Saturday Night Place to Race” as I can see a full pit and grandstand every night in 2013. We literally have so many new racers coming this year that I can not pick a pre-season favorite to win any of the championships!
This year we have a new racing event lined up for the April Saturdays. We will have the Qualifying clock running for every competitor as we see who is going to be dialed in for Opening Night! It was important for us to get this type of event scheduled for our Saturdays because we know how hard it is to make it to the Wednesday Test and Tunes. I do believe that it will be more important than ever to get some practice/seat time in the cars before we turn you loose on May 4th. If someone gets out to an early lead this season they may be really hard to catch.
I think that you are going to see bigger inverts than ever before this season. We base our inverts on groups of cars running within a certain range. For example, if we have 8 cars that are within 3/10ths of one another, we might have an invert choice of 6,7,or 8. This allows the cars with similar speeds to race each other without one or two cars that are really off the pace being caught in the middle, so to speak. I am optimistic that we are going to have larger groups of top cars than we have ever had. I’m thinking about our Sportsman’s division which seems to have grown by 8 cars this year; we could quite possibly have inverts of 14-16 cars! I would expect that we will start 24 Sportsman most every night. (That simply seems incredible to me since just a few years ago we were considering dropping that class because the car count was so low) There are several good to very good Pro Late Model cars coming back this season. Guys that we haven’t seen too much of lately are coming back; Mark Pettit, Joe Cantu, Mike Sampson, Tony Hoose, Dillon Bigos, Travis Smith etc. We also have at least 3 brand new cars coming that are committed to racing the entire season. We should be able to easily put 20 Pro Late Models out there every Saturday. Our Pure Stock class is once again going to be very healthy as well. 24 car fields were the norm for us last season and I expect that we will be having B Mains most every night this season. Our Modified division remains strong. There are so many Modified special shows going on around the state that we really try to schedule them at Owosso with any break that they have. I believe that we have the best Modified racing in the state and that will continue. I think that a 20 car field is going to be an “off night” for these guys and gals! Expect at least a few B Mains in our Modified racing! Our Powder Puff class is continuing to grow and I am looking forward to watching the gals race this year as we all witnessed a great improvement in the driving skills over last season. Expect several more cars as the girls get serious about turning left and going fast! Our Sport Stock division took a big hit on car count last year. We scaled back the number of events for this class this season but we look forward to increasing that for 2014 as I predict a much better turnout for this season than we had last year.
We have just over 50 pit slabs spoken for so that leaves us with 40 more. If you have not reserved your slab try to get that done within the next few weeks. Pit Slabs are $75 each and the slab will be yours for the entire season including Nationals. Everyone who does not have a slab reserved will be paying a $10 fee on race night when they enter the pits. Call Rick for more details.
We will schedule a Staff meeting soon. We will shoot for a Tuesday night at Capitol Bowl in Owosso. I’m looking at possibly April 2nd which is the Tuesday after Easter Sunday. Let me know if that fits your schedule. Maybe 8:00 pm?
In the next few weeks we will be making some big announcements with some new sponsors and partners coming on board! If you know of someone that is interested in being a part of this “best ever” season, let me know and I can give them all of the details.
I hope that you are as excited as we are to get things rolling this year and I hope that the cars are coming along and will be ready for that first Test and Tune in April. Tell all of your friends and family where you will be racing this year. They will be very impressed that you are racing against so many good cars and what a big deal this short track auto racing is!
Take care, God bless,
Rick (810) 965-6698

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