Another Win for Gokee!

6-14-14- Dan Gokee and his wife Molly have been taking turns racking up the wins at Owosso Speedway in 2014. On Saturday Night it was Dan’s turn to get his picture taken in Victory Lane after the 20 Lap Feature Event for the Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stocks. On this night there would be No single file racing as literally 12 cars of the 17 car field would swap positions as they ran 3 and 4 wide. Ricky Moore would lead much of the early part of the race as he passed cars using the High side. Eric Lake took a shot at the lead as well and was heavily pressured by Lonnie Saumier, Bob Robinson, Kevin Snell, Chris Stearns and Jeff Roethlisberger. Fast Qualifier, Dale Spencer, started behind the invert because of last week’s Feature win and was never able to get up to the lead group. Gokee used the bottom line to make most of his passes and he got by the leader Moore, with less than 10 to go. Gokee set sail after taking the lead while the pack jockeyed for position behind him. At the line it was Ricky Moore 2nd, Lonnie Saumier 3rd, Bob Robinson 4th and Jeff Roethlisberger 5th. Eric Lake and Bob Robinson won the Heat races.

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