Bob Elliott is Back!

6-28-14 – The Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stocks were not able to qualify because of the impending weather and the resulting, wet, track conditions. The heat races were set up by a “pill draw” and the finishing order of the heats set the starting lineup for the 20 Lap Feature Event. 19 cars took to the track for the event and 12 cars made their presence known right away. Bob Robinson led the first 10 laps holding off the field through two cautions. Eric Lake spun out on Lap #4 and Kyle Sinka had mechanical issues on Lap #10. On the restart, Bob Elliott, went into the lead for the remainder of the race as Robinson slipped back to second and hard chargers, Andrew Burton, Jeff Roethlisberger and Ron Hart came on strong. Four laps later, Ron Hart suffered mechanical trouble and the final caution came out. The Owosso Option jumbled things up once again and Elliott had his hands full with Roethlisberger starting alongside. The final six laps had Dan Gokee now challenging Roethlisberger for second place and Elliott was able to get a comfortable lead. At the start/finish line it was Elliott, Gokee, Robinson and Andrew Burton. The Heat Race winners were Dan Gokee, Jeff Roethlisberger and “First Time Winner”, Shelly Moore.

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