Russ Cords gets the Win and the Point’s Lead!

6-7-14 – Russ Cords bested the Affordable Tire & Service Center Pro Late Model field for his first win of 2014 in the 30 Lap Feature Event. A total invert put the 2nd fastest qualifier, Cords, at the rear of the field to start the race. It took Cords 19 laps to get to the front as Pat Dent, Mark Pettit, Troy Whyte, Vinnie Miller and Austin Fredwall diced it up. Five cautions plagued the race and by Lap #4 the race was 20 minutes in. Cords and Fredwall got together and both cars went to the rear as Vinnie Miller took over the lead. On the restart of Lap #4, Mark Pettit and Miller tangled and several other cars were involved as they tried to avoid the accident at the front of the field. Joe Hodgeson Jr gained the top spot on the restart after that lengthy caution and Hodgeson held the lead until 3 laps after the final caution came out on Lap #16. The Owosso Option opened the door for Cords to choose the same lane as Hodgeson for the restart which allowed him to pass Whyte who had been pressuring Hodgeson for several laps, but couldn’t complete the pass. Cords led the final 11 laps and was putting distance on the field when the checkered flag fell. Hodgeson finished 2nd, Whyte finished 3rd, Pettit finished 4th and Kyle Smith finished 5th. Adam Rowe and Vinnie Miller won the Heats. Blake Childers was the Fast Qualifier.

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