Tony Basalone Makes it Three in a Row!

6-28-14 – Tony Basalone is on a winning streak in the JR Neely Home Improvement Modifed Division. Basalone pulled off the Victory last week in the non-point’s race, ICAR Top Speed Modified Tour Series, 50 Lap Feature Event! He repeated his winning performance this week by winning against some of the best in the business as 24 cars took to the track for the 50 Lap Feature Event. An uncharacteristic 5 cautions slowed the race and the first four cautions came on the first ten laps. Adam Hudson led all ten laps during the cautions and lost the lead to Joe Morrisette after suffering some damage while making contact with a lapped car. Hudson was given his spot back but could not hold off the pack on the restart. Morrisette led the next 21 laps until Basalone took the lead. Fast Qualifier, Travis Eddy, Jordan Pruitt, Joe Morrisette and Laci Donnert all wanted to challenge for the top spot. On lap #36 the Red Flag was displayed when Jeff Jostock moved up in front of the leader, Basalone while trying to exit the track. The resulting crash put Jostock upside down and on fire near turn one. After the race resumed, Basalone was able to hold off the challenge from Pruitt for the final 14 laps. Morrisette finished 3rd, Eddy finished 4th and L Donnert finished 5th. ¬†Adam Hudson, Dan Loughgan and Don Mattison won the Heat races.

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