Childers Adds Another Feature Win

8-15-15- Blake Childers added another feature win in the Affordable Tire Pro Late Model Division during the 35 lap race. Vinnie Miller was 2nd, Tony Hoose 3rd, Jason Felver 4th, Josh Hahne 5th, Adam Rowe 6th, Jimmy O Smith 7th, Austin Fredwall 8th, Kyle Crump 9th, Marc Pettit 10th, Dave Bigos 11th, Curt Genow 12th, Jeff Jostock, 13th, Alex Hagon 14th, Mike Samson 15th, Trei Deubel 16th, Justin Holloway 17th, Rob Sullivan 18th. Nick Grossman DNS. Jason Felver was fast qualifier. Curt Genow, Dave Bigos and Mike Samson won heat races.

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