Tom Stone Wins Sportsman Feature on Championship Night

9-23-16 – Tom Stone won the Owosso Speedway Sportsman Feature and was also crowned the 2016 Owosso Speedway Sportsman Champion. 2nd Larry Plamondon, 3rd Sebashton Sullivan, 4th Jason Praiser, 5th Eric Olsen, 6th Timmy Near, 7th Chris Begg, 8th Jimmy Stratton, 9th Dale Spencer, 10th Mark Abee, 11th John DoorenBos, 12th Evan Foster, 13th Jeff Saumier, 14th Jerry Karl, 15th Tim Lahar, 16th Jeff Karl, 17th Casey Snover, 18th Grant Howard, 19th Clayton Karl, 20th Chad Lamson, 21st Jessie Collinge. John DoorenBos, Mark Abee and Jessie Collinge won heat races. Evan Foster was fast qualifier.

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