Andy Bozell, Begg and Saumier Win Features

7-15-17 – Andy Bozell won the “Owosso 100” Outlaw Bodied Super Late Model Feature. Followed by Bud Perry, Harold Fair, Jr., Jason Felver, Phil Bozell, Billy Roberts, Michael Simko, Dave Stehouwer, Johnny Bellot, Jason LeDuke, Todd Rosebrugh, Fred Cummings.

Chris Begg won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman Feature. Followed by Steve Poniatowski, Sebashton Sullivan, Hunter Forrester. Poniatowski won the heat race. Chris Begg was fast qualifier.

Lonnie Saumier won the 25 lap Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stock Feature. Followed by Kevin Snell, Michael Briggs, Troy Binkley, Nick Johnston, Derek Gillespie, Dan Gokee, Dan Stewart, Ricky Moore, Russ Cords, Bob Elliott, Hunter Doutre DQ in tech. Saumier and Doutre won heat races. Lonnie Saumier was fast qualifier.

Mark Welch won the Spectator Drags.

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