Leeck, Begg, Maier and Saumier Win Features 6-10-17

6-10-17 – Dan Leeck won the 30 lap Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model Feature. Followed by Blake Childers, Dave Bigos, Jimmy O’Smith, Alex Hagon, Tony Hoose, Rob Sullivan and Joe Hodgeson. Hoose and Childers won heat races. Blake Childers was fast qualifier.

Mickey Maier won the 30 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified Feature. Followed by Nick Clemens, Trei Deuble, Nick Lechota, Larry Wallace, Dave Christensen, Damian Lytle, Jason Parish, Brian Buswell, Adam Rowe, Mike Luckhurst, Dave Parisian. Rowe and Lytle won heat races. Trei Deuble was fast qualifier.

Chris Begg won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman Feature. Followed by Steve Poniatowski, Larry Plamondon, Sebashton Sullivan, Eric Olsen, Austin Woodcox, Bob Hiney. Plamondon won the heat race. Steve Poniatowski was fast qualifier.

Lonnie Saumier won the 25 lap Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stock Feature. Followed by Kyle Callahan, Michael Briggs, Nick Johnston, Hunter Doute, Derek Gillespie, Duane Damon, Bob Robinson, Ricky Moore, Kyle Fox, Dan Stewart, Vinnie Lello, Russ Cords, Troy Binkley, Josh Salander. Johnston and Saumier won heat races. Russ Cords was fast qualifier with a new track record of 18.346.



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