Happy New Year – Onward into 2018

January 8, 2018

From the desk of Dave Bigos:

Hello, Happy New Year to you all! Another year gone and another new year out in front of us to go conquer. I hope we all can make 2018 a great year, better than ever !!!

May we all be healthy, love one another more and keep God’s word and direction in our life.

As some of you know I have approached Shiawassee County asking for more opportunities at Owosso Speedway. With the limited usage we are currently allowed through a Consent Judgement, the future of the speedway is in question. In order for me to invest money into the facility as needed and continue forward in the future, the facility must be able to do more.

In October 2017, as soon as the season was over I approached the Commissioners of Shiawassee County as to this situation. Since then we have had a couple meetings and productive conversations as to what other opportunities make since, and what approach would be best. Shiawassee County has been very understanding and supportive thus far. They want Owosso Speedway to stay alive, thrive and be a asset to the community in the future. It has been part of the community for more than 80 years, and they don’t want it to go away.

I am very optimistic about the possibilities for expanding the usage at the race track.

If this can happen the future of Owosso Speedway looks bright, and some facility improvements will begin. If nothing gets changed I will have to regroup to figure out a new plan.

There will be no rule changes at Owosso Speedway going into 2018. If someone can convince me there is a good reason to change any of our current Class rules please contact me personally. A good reason is not because another track is doing something this way or that way. I am all for all the tracks being on the same set of rules, but not at the expense of Owosso Speedway Drivers. Unfortunately for some strange reason this has never been able to happen and I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Our racing class will not change. We will run all four of our regular classes together each night unless there is a special show. We do have two Must See Sprint Shows, one CRA Late Model Race and one Outlaw Body Super Late Model race planned for 2018.

I feel our four main classes together provide a great variety of race cars, and racing on the track second to no other race track. You probably won’t see a complete schedule until March, just simply because I want to be able to incorporate any new opportunities into the 2018 season. I will continue to update everyone as we move forward.


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