Saturday Night Chaos at the Big O

I do not understand why a guy that just caught a break on the race track with a last lap caution, which 100% allowed him to win the feature race and win the 2018 Track Championship, would behave as he did after the race. At that point of the night he was the race winner and our 2018 track champion. One would think that person would be happy, grateful, friendly, kind and cooperative. This guy just won the race and Track Championship. How many of us get to experience that? Instead he was just the opposite. I was told by many, but most importantly the speedway staff that he was the rudest, most obnoxious and most disrespectful person, leading the charge against the speedway authorities Saturday night. The scene that was primarily created and lead by the M-15 driver is unacceptable at my race track. That type of conduct is not going to be allowed or tolerated at Owosso Speedway. The four main staff members involved with this chaos together have over 75 years of experience working in and around race tracks. They are fair and honest people, trying to do a great job for all who come to Owosso Speedway. I trust them, appreciate them, respect them and I’ve got their backs. In no way do they deserve that degree of disrespect, lack of order and cooperation. They were simply trying to keep a fair playing field for all who participate. The Drivers benefit from that, not Owosso Speedway.

In conclusion: After hours of examining the situation most of the day Monday with Elaine, Chris, Tim and Dennis we have decided to be proactive and not just lay back and take what they were dealt Saturday. I feel it is absolutely necessary to enforce the written rules that are clearly spelled out in the official Owosso Speedway rulebook. Because of his overall destructive behavior and not cooperating with our techs, regarding the engine tear down that was requested after the race. The driver of the M-15 pure stock is being disqualified from Saturday September 22, 2018 race. He is also not allowed to be present at the 2018 Owosso Nationals. We do not need or want that type of disrespectful behavior at Owosso Speedway.

Warning to all who are coming to the 2018 Nationals. Car, driver and only one other team member will be allowed behind the red gate at the pit garage after each feature. Violations will be immediately disqualified, NO questions asked! If I can prevent it, this type of crazy situation will not happen again on my watch.



Dave Bigos   


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