Begg, Hagon, Callahan and Hoffman Win Features 7-13-19

Chris Begg won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Feature followed by Russ Cords, Fred Cummings, Dale Spencer, Hunter Forrester, Kyle Kramlich, Scott Parisian, Fred Parisian, Steve Geyer, Ron Charbenau DNS. Geyer and Begg won heat races. Dale Spencer was fast qualifier.

Alex Hagon won the 15 lap Outlaw Super Late Model Feature followed by Justin Holloway and Blake Childers. Childers won the heat race. Alex Hagon was fast qualifier.

Kyle Callahan won the 25 lap Pure Stock Feature followed by Nick Johnston, Lonnie Saumier, Jim Miller Jr., Gary Limron, Hunter Doutre, Don Garrison, Bryan Thompson, Josh Somers, Randy Ewing, Marc Palmer, Brent Voris. Garrison and Saumier won heat races. Kyle Callahan was fast qualifier.

Eric Hoffman won the 25 Lap MCR Dwarf Feature. 

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