Cords, Childers and Cords Win Features

9-7-19 – Russ Cords won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall 25 lap Sportsman Feature. Followed by  Fred Cummings, Rob Sullivan, Dale Spencer, Hunter Forrester, Bob Baumgarten and Scott Parisian. Cummings won the heat race. Russ Cords was fast qualifier.

Blake Childers won the 30 lap Outlaw Super Late  Model Feature. Followed by Alex Hagon, Eric Lee, Jimmy O Smith, Justin Holloway, Mike Samson and Chase Rosebrugh. Childers won the heat race. Eric Lee was fast qualifier.

Ryan Cords won the 20 lap FWD Feature. Followed by Steve Workman, Blake Gokee, Rich Laflow, Randy Moore, Josh Shiver, Abigale Kolb, Earl Settle, Jon Spencer, Steven Garcia, Simon Watters, Chris Reed, Ron Crawford, Dan Smith, Ryan Long, Jeremy Donnert, Adam Whitaker, Mike Workman, Scott Polulars. Dave Smith DNS. Kolb, M. Workman and Gokee won heat races. Ryan Cords was fast qualifier.

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