Donnert, Parish, Spencer and Lechota Win Features

6-8-19 – What a great night of racing along with autograph night! 

The FWD drive division is starting to build back up after a few years of being off. Jeremy Donnert pulled off the “Hat Trick” Fast qualifier, heat race winner and feature winner. Followed by Ryan Cords, Jacob Newman, Adam Whitaker, Jordan Gustin, Fred Settle, Jeremy Green, Chris Reid, Simon Waters, Josh Shiver. Whitaker won a heat race.

Jason Parish won the Howe Racing Enterprise Modified 30 lap Feature. Followed by Aaron Taylor, Evan Foster, Curtis Spencer, Damian Lyle, Larry Wallace, Dave Christiansen, Fred Parisian, Jason Congdon, Nelson Haas, Derek Vath DNS. Lytle and Taylor won heat races. Jason Parish was fast qualifier.

Dale Spencer made it 2 for 2 in the 2019 season winning the Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman 25 lap Feature. Followed by Russ Cords, Hunter Forrester, Kyle Kramlich, Scott Parisian, Ron Charbenau, Bob Baumgarden, Butch Morence, Steve Geyer and Rob Sullivan DNS. Spencer and Parisian won heat races. Hunter Forrester was fast qualifier.

In the always exciting Pure Stock 25 lap Feature Jordan Lechota came out on top. Followed by Lonnie Saumier, Hunter Doutre, Todd Binkley, Kyle Callahan, Kenny Clark, Gary Limron Jr., Josh Bannister, Don Garrison, Bryan Thompson, Jason Spencer, David Damon, Brent Voris, Mark Palmer, Randy Ewing and Jason Ballard DNS. Garrison and Lechota won heat races. Hunter Doutre was fast qualifier.

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