Message from the Williams Families

Last year: Rain Outs
This year: Pandemic
Next month-pray for racing
Until we meet again:
stay home, stay healthy
Covid covid go away
We want to come out and play
Plus plus minus minus
We are going into our 2nd season and we are extremely blessed to call this place our Home Track. The family and friends we have met since becoming caretakers of this amazing place have blessed us beyond what we could have imagined.
On a positive note you now have more time to get your cars finished
We have all been given extra time to work on our faith, enjoy our families and realize who are friends really are.
On the negative side we won’t be open for Test and Tune In April or later depending on the governor’s recommendations
We ask that everyone continue to stay home and stay safe. If you are an essential employee that must go do your part-thank you for all you are doing for all of us. Take care and keep checking the website for the latest updates.
Love The Williams families

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