Traffic Note for Saturday June 8th. The Curwood Festival Parade will be starting at 2pm in Owosso so M-21 will be closed through Owosso, so drivers and fans coming from the East please remember to reroute around Owosso.


Due to all the rain outs this season so far, Owosso Speedway has decided to add Saturday, June 8th to our schedule. It will be Autograph Night with Modifieds, Sportsman, Pure Stocks and FWD. Any questions or concerns please call Gerry at 810-614-8887 or Dennis 517-798-7793. 

3rd Time the Charm! 2019 Opening Night Complete!

5-18-19 – The 2019 Season has finally started! Blake Childers won the 35 lap Outlaw Super Late Model Feature followed by Alex Hagon, 3rd Jason Felver, 4th Scott Pemberton, 5th Justin Holloway, 6th Tony Hoose and 7th Bob Bauer. Pemberton won the Australian Pursuit. Alex Hagon was fast qualifier. Dale Spencer won the Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman 25 lap feature, 2nd Russ Cords, 3rd Tom Stone, 4th Tim Lahar, 5th Hunter Forrester, 6th Kyle...


RULE CHANGES: Any hydraulic cam and stock size. Non roller hydraulic lifters allowed. Any 5″ or larger coil springs allowed. Spring cups optional. No screw jacks. (Does not need to be the same side by side.) Must still meet ride height rule. Any questions call: Gerry 810-614-8887; Tim 989-627-6206 or Chris 989-666-4244. Thank you.

Meet and Greet

We are excited to announce a meet and greet for drivers, car owners and employees on Sunday, March 3, 2019, 1:00 p.m. at Capitol Bowl, 219 S. Washington St. Owosso in the Hot Spot lounge area. Please come out and meet the new owners Gerry and Ken Williams. They will discuss their plans for this upcoming season and answer any questions you may have. See you there! 

Owosso Speedway Sold and Welcomes New Owners

Hello everyone! I hope life is treating you all well, if it is be grateful and say your prayers and if its not do the same say your prayers. I know I have been very quiet about plans for 2019. Well here it is, Big Hause Inc. has sold the race track. It is official! The new owners are Jerry and Ken Williams. They are not married, they are brothers haha. There plans for 2019 will soon...

Saturday Night Chaos at the Big O

I do not understand why a guy that just caught a break on the race track with a last lap caution, which 100% allowed him to win the feature race and win the 2018 Track Championship, would behave as he did after the race. At that point of the night he was the race winner and our 2018 track champion. One would think that person would be happy, grateful, friendly, kind and cooperative. This...

Childers, Poniatowski, Clemens, Saumier win Features 9-8

9-8-18 – Blake Childers won the 30 lap Affordable Tire Pro Late Model Feature. Followed by Dan Leeck, Jason Felver, Dave Bigos, Jimmy O Smith, Kevin Harder. Felver won the heat race. Childers was fast qualifier. Steve Poniatowski won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Feature. Followed by Tim Lahar, Conner Zbozien, Hunter Forrester, Scott Parisian, Kevis Dobis, Butch Morence, Kyle Kramlich. Forrester won the heat race. Zbozien was fast qualifier. Nick Clemens won...

Tire Testing Results

Regarding the testing of the tires of the 18F car. The samples came back and were within the benchmarks and determined the tires were not tampered with. We appreciate the cooperation of the 18F team and sorry for any inconvenience. Owosso Speedway/Bighause,Inc.

Felver, Poniatowski, Rowe and Saumier Win Features 8-18-18

8-18-18 – Jason Felver won the 50 lap Affordable Tire Pro Late Model Feature. Followed by Blake Childers, Alex Hagon, Joe Hodgeson, Austin Fredwall and Jimmy O Smith. Hagon was fast qualifier. Felver won the heat race. Steve Poniatowski won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman Feature. Followed by Conner Zbozien, Hunter Forrester, Tony Williams, Matt Hogan, Grant Compau, Scott Parisian and Kevin Dobis. Poniatowski was fast qualifier. Williams won the heat race....