Lechota, Johnston, Cords, Cords and Long Win Features

8-17-19 – Nick Lechota won the 30 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified Feature. Followed by Jason Parish, Dave Christensen, Chris Stearns, Larry Wallace, Evan Foster, Scott Lamp II, Fred Parisian, Nick Clemens, Curtis Spencer. Lamp and Wallace won heat races. Jason Parish was fast qualifier. Damian Lytle and Kyle Maki DNS. Nick Johnston won the 25 lap Pure Stock Feature. Followed by Lonnie Saumier, Hunter Doutre, Jordon Lechota, Todd Binkley, Troy Binkley, Gary Limron,...

Cords, Cords, Clemens, Lechota and Marcott Win Features

8-3-19 – Ryan Cords in his first year of big cars won his second feature in the 15 lap FWD Feature. Followed by Steven Workman, Jeremy Donnert, Chad Freeman, Scott Pepideve, Adam Whitaker, Simon Watter, Chris Ried, Scott Garcia, Michael Workman, Noah Sherwood, Earl Settle, Ryan Long. Workman and Pepideve won heat races. Cords was fast qualifier. Not to out done by his son Ryan; Russ Cords won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall...

Childers, Saumier, Cords and Spencer Win Features

7-27-19 – Blake Childers won the 50 Lap Ron Hauser Memorial Outlaw Super Late Model Feature. Followed by Jason Felver, Brandon Short, Phil Bozel, Alex Hagon, Jack Varney Jr., Tyler Heaney, Todd Rosebrugh, Chase Rosebrugh, Todd Harrington, Dave Bigos, Jimmy O Smith, Justin Holloway. Jason Felver was fast qualifier. Lonnie Saumier won the 25 lap Pure Stock Feature followed by Hunter Doutre, Kyle Callahan, Jimmy Miller Jr., Jordan Lachota, Gary Limron Jr., Kenny Clark,...


ATTENTION FWD CARS: We have added you to the schedule for August 3rd; August 27th; September 14th; September 21st and Nationals September 27th. Please pass the word to others!!!        

Traffic Notice

For those who use Carland Road to come to Owosso Speedway it will be closed the next few weeks. Alternative routes through Owosso  or Ovid are suggested.

Begg, Hagon, Callahan and Hoffman Win Features 7-13-19

Chris Begg won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Feature followed by Russ Cords, Fred Cummings, Dale Spencer, Hunter Forrester, Kyle Kramlich, Scott Parisian, Fred Parisian, Steve Geyer, Ron Charbenau DNS. Geyer and Begg won heat races. Dale Spencer was fast qualifier. Alex Hagon won the 15 lap Outlaw Super Late Model Feature followed by Justin Holloway and Blake Childers. Childers won the heat race. Alex Hagon was fast qualifier. Kyle Callahan won the...

Forrester, Clemens, Saumier and Pritchett Win Features

6-22-19 – Hunter Forrester won the 25 lap Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman Feature followed by Fred Cummins, Russ Cords, Dale Spencer, Kyle Kramlich, Scott Parisian, Ron Charbeneau, Steve Geyer and Butch Morence DNS. Forrester and  Parisian won heat races. Russ Cords was fast qualifier. Nick Clemens won the 30 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified Feature followed by Scott Lamp II, Curtis Spencer, Jason Parish, Terry Trost, Damian Lytle, Fred Parisian, Jon McNett and Nick...


Traffic Note for Saturday June 8th. The Curwood Festival Parade will be starting at 2pm in Owosso so M-21 will be closed through Owosso, so drivers and fans coming from the East please remember to reroute around Owosso.


Due to all the rain outs this season so far, Owosso Speedway has decided to add Saturday, June 8th to our schedule. It will be Autograph Night with Modifieds, Sportsman, Pure Stocks and FWD. Any questions or concerns please call Gerry at 810-614-8887 or Dennis 517-798-7793. 

3rd Time the Charm! 2019 Opening Night Complete!

5-18-19 – The 2019 Season has finally started! Blake Childers won the 35 lap Outlaw Super Late Model Feature followed by Alex Hagon, 3rd Jason Felver, 4th Scott Pemberton, 5th Justin Holloway, 6th Tony Hoose and 7th Bob Bauer. Pemberton won the Australian Pursuit. Alex Hagon was fast qualifier. Dale Spencer won the Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman 25 lap feature, 2nd Russ Cords, 3rd Tom Stone, 4th Tim Lahar, 5th Hunter Forrester, 6th Kyle...