Childers Wins the Pro Late Model Feature

8-13-16 – Blake Childers make his way to victory lane again in the Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model Feature. Austin Fredwall 2nd, Tony Hoose 3rd, Curt Genow 4th, Fred Cummings 5th, Jimmy O’ Smith 6th, Ryan Etchison 7th, Amber Slagel 8th Dave Bigos 9th, Rob Sullivan 10th, Adam Rowe 11th, Steven Ulman 12th, Tristan VanWieringer,  13th, Jason Felver 14th, Alex Hagon 15th, Erik Fetter 16th. Curt Genow and Adam Rowe won heat...


Parish In Victory Lane Again

8-13-16 – Jason Parish found his was to victory lane again in the Howe Racing Enterprise Modified Feature. Parish also was fast qualifier. 2nd Blake Rowe, 3rd Alex Donnert, 4th Damien Lytle, 5th Dominique VanWieringer, 6th Jon McNett, 7th Dave Parisian, 8th Terry Trost, 9th Steven Pelky, 10th Fred Parisian, 11th Laci Donnert, 12th Tom Coleman, Al Taft DNS. Damien Lytle and Dave Parisian won heat races.


Snell Wins First Ever Feature

8-13-16 – Kevin Snell won his first ever Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stock Feature. 2nd Russ Cords, 3rd Derek Gillespie, 4th Lonnie Saumier, 5th Michael Briggs, 6th Kyle Callahan, 7th Troy Binkley, 8th Nick Johnston, 9th Dan Gokee, 10th Nate Rowe, 11th Andrew Burton, 12th Dylan Bigos, 13th Ricky Moore. Kyle Callahan and Michael Briggs won heat races. Russ Cords was fast qualifier.


Plamondon Wins Another

8-13-16 – Larry Plamondon won another Owosso Speedway Sportsman Feature. 2nd was Evan Foster, 3rd Eric Olsen, 4th Chris Begg, 5th John DoorenBos, 6th Tom Stone, 7th Jeff Saumier, 8th Sebashton Sullivan. Tom Stone and Evan Foster won heat races. Eric Olsen was fast qualifier.


Jason Blonde Wins Must See Sprint Feature


Hartman Wins Midwest Compact FWD Feature

8-6-16 – William Hartman takes top position in the 30 lap Midwest Compact FWD Feature. 2nd Phil Maloaf, 3rd Don Rofner III, 4th Don Rufner Jr., 5th Michael Workman, 6th Wayne Stack, 7th Kelly Lilly, 8th Joe Grivestock, 9th Christian Weinbelt, 10th Eric Counster, 11th Bailey Weinbelt, 12th Steve Workman, 13th Jake Albright,  14th Kyle Callahan. Phil Maloaf and Joe Grivestock  won heat races.


Cremonesi Wins Sportsman Feature

8-6-16 – Kevin Cremonesi won the 25 lap Owosso Speedway Sportsman feature and set fast time for the night. Chris Begg was 2nd, Evan Foster 3rd, Lonnie Saumier 4th, Sebashton Sullivan 5th, John DoorenBoss 6th, Keith Wioncek 7th, Tom Stone 8th. Lonnie Saumier and Evan Foster won heat races.


Callahan Wins First Pure Stock Feature

8-6-16 – After repeated weeks of being the bridesmaid Kyle Callahan got the top position in the 20 lap Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stock Feature. Callahan was also fast qualifier. 2nd Michael Briggs, 3rd Nate Rowe, 4th Russ Cords, 5th Dan Gokee, 6th Ricky Moore, 7th Hunter Doutre, 8th Scott Parisian, 9th Troy Shinabarger, 10th Derek Gillespie, 11th Lonnie Saumier. Nate Rowe and Russ Cords won heat races.


After 10 Long Years Hoose Back in Victory Lane

7-23-16 – Tony Hoose broke a 10 year drought by winning the 30 lap Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model feature. 2nd was Blake Childers, 3rd Austin Freewill, 4th Alex Hagon, 5th Ryan Etchinson, 6th Pat Dent, 7th Eric Fetter, 8th Johnny Hayden, 9th Rob Sullivan, 10th Adam Rowe, 11th Amber Slagell. Austin Fredwall and Ryan Etchinson won heat races. Blake Childres was fast qualifier.


First Modified Feature Win for Lytle

7-23-16 – Damien Lytle dominated the 30 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified feature for his first win. 2nd was Nick Lechota, 3rd Dane Long, 4th Terry Trost, 5th Tom Coleman, 6th Steven Pelky, 7th Jon McNett, 8th Dave Parisian, 9th Fred Parisian, 10th Jason Parish, Chance Rice DNS. Nick Lechota and Tom Coleman won heat races. Jason Parish was fast qualifier.