Parish Wins Feature in Borrowed Car

7-16-16 – With a tight points race going on between Jason Parish and Jon McNett, Parish thought his night was over when his motor blew in practice. Nick Lechota offered his modified to fellow competitor to use for the evening. Parish went on to win the 35 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified feature. Jordan Pruitt was 2nd, Damien Lytle 3rd, Blake Rowe 4th, Phil Massauch 5th, Jon McNett 6th, Nyle Weiler 7th, Aaron Taylor...


Blake Childers Back in Victory Lane

7-16-16- Blake Childers made his way ┬áback into victory lane after going through a little rough patch earlier in the season in the Affordable Tire and Service 30 lap feature. Alex Hagon was 2nd, Joe Hodgeson was 3rd, Tony Hoose 4th, Josh Hahn 5th, Fred Cummings Jr., 6th, Jimmy O’ Smith 7th, Mark Wilcox 8th, Eric Fetter 9th, Austin Freewill 10th, Dave Bigos 11th, Jason Felver 12th, Johnny Haydon 13th, Rob Sullivan 14th, Adam...


Jordan Lechota Wins Pure Stock Feature

7-16-16 – In an action packed 20 lap Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stock Feature, Jordan Lechota brought home the win. Michael Briggs was 2nd, Troy Binkley 3rd, Lonnie Saumier 4th, Andrew Burton 5th, Duane Damon 6th, Derek Gillespie 7th, Kevin Snell 8th, Kyle Callahan 9th, Dan Gokee 10th, Nick Johnston 11th. Lonnie Saumier and Dan Gokee won heat races. Kyle Callahan was fast qualifier.


Plamondon Wins Sportmans Feature

7-16-16 – Larry Plamondon finally breaks Tom Stones winning streak in the Owosso Speedway Sportsman Division, he also was fast qualifier. Eric Olsen was 2nd, Lonnie Saumier 3rd, Sebashton Sullivan 4th, Tom Stone 5th, Jesse Collinge 6th, John DoorenBos 7th, Rod Morrison 8th, James Bower DNS. Sebashton Sullivan and Jesse Collinge won heat races.


Mark Welch Wins 2nd Spectator Drags


Perry Wins Main Event Outlaw Super Late Model Feature

7-9-16 – Bud Perry dominated the 100 Lap Main Event Outlaw Super Late Model Feature followed by Harold Fair, 3rd Tim Felver, 4th Todd Rosebrugh, 5th Eric Lee, 6th Scott Pemberton, 7th Justin Claucherty, 8th Dave Stehouwer, 9th Michael Simko, 10th Johnny Belott, 11th Dan Krzywosinski, 12th Dakota Carlson, 13th Jason LaDuke, Blake Childers DNS.


Stone Again

7-9-16 – Tom Stone won the 25 lap Owosso Speedway Sportsman feature to make it 6 for 6. Chris Begg was 2nd, Sebashton Sullivan 3rd, Jordan Harvey 4th, John DoorenBos 5th, Jeff Saumier 6th, Jeremy Lafontaine 7th, Evan Foster 8th. Steve Poniatowski and Ron Charbaneu DNS. Evan Foster and Jeff Saumier won heat races. Chris Begg had fast time.


Saumier Scores Another Feature

7-9-16 – Lonnie Saumier scored another feature win in the Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stock 20 lap feature. 2nd Kyle Callahan, 3rd Michael Briggs, 4th Troy Binkley, 5th Kevin Snell, 6th Nick Johnston, 7th Dan Gokee, 8th Ricky Moore, 9th Derek Gillespie, 10th Nate Rowe, 11th Duane Damon, 12th Scott Parisian, 13th Hunter Doutre. Troy Binkley and Lonnie Saumier won heat races. Kyle Callahan was fast qualifier.


Maloof Wins the Midwest Compact FWD Feature

7-2-16 – Qualifying Results 1. Dan Irvine 18.159 2. Craig Frase 18.454 3. Phil Malouf 18.616 4. Ryan Hoffman 18.670 5. Don Rufener III 18.806 6. William Hartman 18.822 7. Jake Albright 19.137 8. Curtis Gray 19.006 9. Wayne Stack 19.035 10. Derek Davis 19.142 11. Joe Grevenstuk 19.153 12. Don Rufener, Jr. 19.697 13. Keera Allen 20.146 14. Kelly Lillie DNQ 15. Michael Workman DNQ Heat #1 1. Don Rufener III 2. Dan...


Make it Five for Stone

7-2-16 – Tom Stone continues his winning ways in the Owosso Speedway Sportsman division with his 5th feature win of the season. Chris Begg was 2nd, Steve Poniatowski 3rd, Evan Foster 4th, Jordan Harvey 5th, Larry Plamondon 6th, Sebashton Sullivan 7th, Jeff Saumier 8th, John DoorenBos 9th. Ron Charbenou and Mark Flierman DNS. Steve Poniatowski and Evan Foster won heat races. Chris Begg had fast time.