Laci Donnert Takes the Win

5-21-16 – Laci Donnert gets his first win of the season in the Howe Racing Enterprise Modifieds. 2nd was Jon McNett, 3rd Alex Donnert, 4th Tony Basalone, 5th Damian Lytle, 6th Adam Hudson, 7th Dave Parisian, 8th Terry Trost, 9th Jason Parish, 10th Nick Lechota, 11th Sean McPherson, 12th Phil Bone, 13th Pat McRee, 14th Mike Shouse Jr., 15th Fred Parisian, 16th Blake Rowe, 17th Adam Rowe. Jon McNett and Damian Lytle won heat...


Jason Parish Starts the 2016 on Top

5-7-16 – Jason Parish set fast time and won the Howe Racing Enterpise Modified feature opening night. 2nd was Nick Lechota, 3rd Jon McNett, 4th Adam Hudson, 5th Alex Donnert, 6th Travis Eddy, 7th Nick Clemens, 8th Laci Donnert, 9th Tony Basalone, 10th Damien Lytle, 11th Dave Christensen, 12th Joe Morisette Jr., 13th Dave Parisian, 14th Terry Trost, 15th Tom Coleman, 16th Mike Shouse Jr., 17th Blake Rowe. Dave Parisian and Nick Clemens won...


Clemens Wins Modified Feature

9-26-15 – A stout field of 26 Howe Racing Enterprise Modifieds took the track for the 50 lap feature with Nick Clemens coming out on top. 2nd Trei Deuble, 3rd Blake Rowe, 4th Jon McNett, 5th Alex Donnert, 6th Jason Parish, 7th Donnie Mattison Jr., 8th Phil Massach, 9th Tony Basalone, 10th BJ Marko, 11th Andy Hess, 12th John King, 13th Bud Grey II, 14th Nyle Weiler, 15th Mike Stenberg, 16th Steve Pelky, 17th...


Laci Donnert 3rd Championship in Row – Blake Rowe wins Feature

9-19-15 – In only his second start in a modified Blake Rowe topped the Howe Racing Enterprise 30 Lap feature. 2nd Travis Eddy, 3rd Laci Donnert, 4th Alex Donnert, 5th Tony Basalone, 6th Adam Hudson, 7th Dave Christensen, 8th Dave Parisian, 9th Terry Trost, 10th Pat McRee, 11th Damien Lytle, 12th Fred Lytle. Matt Maki and Steve Pelky DNS. Adam Hudson and Tony Basalone won heat races. Blake Rowe was fast qualifier.


Donnert in Victory Circle

8-22-15 – Laci Donnert continues to build up a point lead over Dave Christensen with 2 more races left for the Howe Racing Enterprise Modified Division. Donnert won the 30 lap feature, 2nd Joe Morisette Jr.; 3rd Dave Christensen; 4th Nick Clemens; 5th Travis Eddy; 6th Jon McNett; 7th Blake Rowe, 8th Adam Hudson; 9th Mike Stenberg; 10th John Wozniak; 11th Alex Donnert; 12th Terry Trost Jr.; 13th Steve Pelky; 14th Dennis Uhlman. Blake...


Basalone is Back

8-15-15 – Tony Basalone made his first appearance of the year in the Howe Racing Enterprise Modifieds and took home the feature win! Travis Eddy 2nd, Adam Hudson 3rd, Laci Donnert 4th, Jon McNett 5th, Dave Christensen 6th, Chris Sterns 7th, Trei Deubel 8th, Alex Donnert 9th, Joe Hodgeson Jr. 10th, Terry Trost Jr. 11th, Damien Lytle 12th, Dave Parision 13th, Matt Maki 14th. Adam Hudson and Matt Maki won heat races. Travis Eddy...


Laci Donnert In Victory Lane

8-1-15 – Laci Donnert won the 30 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified feature. Joe Morrisette 2nd, Dave Christensen 3rd, Adam Hudson 4th, Alex Donnert 5th, Joe Hodgeson Jr., 6th, Damien Lytle 7th, Terry Trost 8th, Dave Parisian 9th, Matt Maki 10th, Brian Buswell 11th, John Wozniak DNS. Laci Donnert and Damien Lytle won heat races. Adam Hudson was fast qualifier.


McNett Wins Modified Feature

7-25-15 – Jon McNett won the 30 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified feature. Laci Donnert was 2nd, Dave Christensen 3rd, Chris Stearns 4th, Adam Hudson 5th, Joe Hodgeson 6th, Ed Doutre Jr., 7th, Matt Vaineer 8th, Terry Trost Jr. 9th, Alex Donnert 10th, Tristian VanWieringenar 11th. Ed Doutre, Jr. and Joe Hodgeson won heat races. Adam Hudson was fast qualifier.

DSCF3052 copy copy

Chris Stearns Wins Modified Feature

6-6-15 – Chris Stearns wins for the first time in a modified at Owosso Speedway in the Howe Enterprise Modified Division. He was followed by Laci Donnert, 3rd Adam Hudson, 4th Terry Trost Jr., 5th Dave Christensen, 6th Tristian VanWiergeren, 7th Dave Parisian, 8th Alex Donnert. Christensen won the pursuit.

DSC_7533 copy

Christensen Opening Night Modified Winner

5-2-15 Dave Christensen wins opening night Howe Racing Enterprises Modified feature. 2nd Nick Clemens, 3rd Laci Donnert, 4th Travis Eddy, 5th Jason Parish, 6th Larry Wallace, 7th Tristan VanWieringen, 8th Alex Donnert, 9th Terry Trost, 10th Joey Morrisette Jr., 11th Adam Hudson, 12th Dave Parisian, 13th Joe Hodgeson Jr., 14th Brett Hahn. Fast qualifier was Travis Eddy. Heat races were won by Laci Donner and Adam Hudson.