Austin Fredwall Wins the Ron Hauser Memorial Pro Late Model Feature

9-17-16 – Austin Fredwall won the biggest race of his career taking home the hardware for the 75 lap Ron Hauser Memorial Pro Late Model race. 2nd Jason Felver, 3rd Tony Hoose, 4th Blake Childers, 5th Jimmy O’ Smith, 6th Alex Hagon, 7th Dave Bigos, 8th Chet Allen, 9th Kyle Smith, 10th Josh Hahn, 11th Brian Decock, 12th Mark Wilcox, 13th Amber Slagel, 14th Dan Leeck, 15th Justin Holloway, 16th Joe Hodgenson Jr., 17th Johnny...


Childers Wins the Pro Late Model Feature

8-13-16 – Blake Childers make his way to victory lane again in the Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model Feature. Austin Fredwall 2nd, Tony Hoose 3rd, Curt Genow 4th, Fred Cummings 5th, Jimmy O’ Smith 6th, Ryan Etchison 7th, Amber Slagel 8th Dave Bigos 9th, Rob Sullivan 10th, Adam Rowe 11th, Steven Ulman 12th, Tristan VanWieringer,  13th, Jason Felver 14th, Alex Hagon 15th, Erik Fetter 16th. Curt Genow and Adam Rowe won heat...


After 10 Long Years Hoose Back in Victory Lane

7-23-16 – Tony Hoose broke a 10 year drought by winning the 30 lap Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model feature. 2nd was Blake Childers, 3rd Austin Freewill, 4th Alex Hagon, 5th Ryan Etchinson, 6th Pat Dent, 7th Eric Fetter, 8th Johnny Hayden, 9th Rob Sullivan, 10th Adam Rowe, 11th Amber Slagell. Austin Fredwall and Ryan Etchinson won heat races. Blake Childres was fast qualifier.


Blake Childers Back in Victory Lane

7-16-16- Blake Childers made his way  back into victory lane after going through a little rough patch earlier in the season in the Affordable Tire and Service 30 lap feature. Alex Hagon was 2nd, Joe Hodgeson was 3rd, Tony Hoose 4th, Josh Hahn 5th, Fred Cummings Jr., 6th, Jimmy O’ Smith 7th, Mark Wilcox 8th, Eric Fetter 9th, Austin Freewill 10th, Dave Bigos 11th, Jason Felver 12th, Johnny Haydon 13th, Rob Sullivan 14th, Adam...


Childers Wins Pro Late Model Feature

6-25-16 – Blake Childers was fast qualifier and won the 30 lap Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model feature. 2nd was Tony Hoose, 3rd Dave Bigos, 4th Alex Hagon, 5th Jimmy O’ Smith, 6th Rob Sullivan, 7th Amber Slagle, 8th Austin Freewill, 9th Fred Cummings Jr., 10th Ryan Etchison, 11th Jason Felver, 12th Adam Rowe. Adam Rowe and Tony Hoose won heat races.


Felver Wins Pro Late Model Feature

6-18-16 – Jason Felver set fast time and won the Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model Feature. Blake Childers was second after breaking a motor during practice, going home changing motors and starting in the rear! Tony Hoose 3rd, Austin Freewill 4th, Alex Hagon 5th, Jimmy O’ Smith 6th, Adam Rowe 7th, Amber Slagle 8th, Mark Wilcox 9th, Dave Bigos 10th, Fred Cummings 11th, Rob Sullivan 12th, Johnny Hayden 13th, Eric Fetter 14th....


Triple Play for Felver

5-21-16 – Jason Felver was on a mission Saturday in the Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Models with fast time, heat race win and feature win. Felver was followed by Tony Hoose, 3rd Curt Genow, 4th Dave Bigos, 5th Blake Childers, 6th Joe Hodgenson, 7th Damien Lytle, 8th Adam Rowe, 9th Jimmy O’ Smith, 10th Austin Fredwall, 11th Justin Holloway, 12th Josh Hahn, 13th Brian Decock, 14th Amber Slagle, 15th Mark Pettit, 16th...


Austin Fredwall Wins Opener

5-7-16 – Austin Fredwall led all 30 laps of the Affordable Tire and Service Pro Late Model opening night feature. Jason Felver was 2nd, Tony Hoose 3rd, Joe Hodgeson Jr., was 4th, Dave Bigos 5th, Alex Hagon 6th, Josh Hahn 7th, Justin Holloway 8th, Mark Pettit 9th, Brian Decock 10th, Blake Childers 11th and Steve Lalonde 12th.  Brian Decock won a heat race. Jason Felver won the four car dash. Felver was fast qualifier...

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Felver Wins Pro Late Model Nationals Feature

9-26-15-  Jason Felver won the 50 lap Affordable Tire Pro Late Model Feature. Tony Hoose was 2nd, Justin Holloway 3rd, Adam Rowe 4th, Josh Hahn 5th, Steve Uhlman 6th, Mike Samson 7th, Jimmy O Smith 8th, Eric Fetter 9th, Kevin Manson 10th, Austin Fredwall 11th, Kyle Smith 12th, Kyle Crump 13th, Brian DeCock 14th, Dave Bigos 15th, Chet Allen 16th, Steve Lalonde 17th, Blake Childers 18th, Alex Hagon 19th, Justin Noffsinger 20th. Mike Samson,...

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Blake Childers 2015 Champion and Feature Winner

9-19-15 – Blake Childers won the 35 lap Affordable Tire Pro Late Model feature and clinched the 2015 Championship. Jason Felver 2nd, Kyle Crump 3rd, Tony Hoose 4th, Justin Holloway 5th, Austin Fredwall 6th, Adam Rowe 7th, Erik Fetter 8th, Kevin Manson 9th, Kyle Smith 10th, Dave Bigos 11th, Russ Mudge Jr., 12th, Troy Whyte 13th, Jimmy O Smith 14th, Mark Pettit 15th, Brian Decock 16th, Alex Hagon 17th, Fred Cummings Jr. 18th. Kyle...