Driver Registration Form

Owosso Speedway welcomes our new, and returning drivers to the 2018 Season.

Each year the Driver Registration form needs to be filled out to assure current information, and renewed signatures for the Driver’s Agreement section.

Please print out the form and fill it out before arriving to the track, so you can take the time to completely fill out all of the information. Please print legibly and make sure that all numbers are correct.

Thank you,

Bighause, Inc

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 Minor/Parent Assumption of Risk Form

To enter the pits at Owosso Speedway, everyone under 18 must have a filled out Minor/Parent Assumption of Risk and release and waiver of liabilty form.

Please download the form and print it out. Fill out, and have BOTH parents sign and print their names on the form. 

Forms will be available at the Pit Gate sign in window, but in the event that both parents are not with the minor, please have the form filled out before coming to the speedway. Please note: the long form needs to be filled out annually and will be kept on file, and the gang sheet needs to be signed each visit. – Thank you.

Owosso Speedway does not have an age minimum for the pits, but also does not discount their passes for entry.

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