2020 Point System

On the route to the 2020 Track Championships at the Owosso Speedway drivers will compete nightly not only for the win, but also to collect points that will be accumulated throughout the course of the season.

Our Point’s System is in place for all of our regular divisions; Affordable Tire and Service Outlaw Super Late Models, Howe Racing Enterprise Modifieds, The Owosso Speedway Sportsman and The Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stocks.

Fast Qualifier will receive 10 points, with second getting nine points and dropping down one point so 10th quick receives one point. 11th on back gets 0 points for qualifying. Heat races award 10 points for a win, down one point until 10th on back gets one point.

A feature win is worth 50 points, with second place getting 45 points, third place receiving 41 points, fourth place gets 38 points, fifth gets 36 then it drops back two points until eighth place, which gets 30 points, it then drops one point from there until 23rd position, which gets 15 points. In the event there are more than 23 starters, everyone who finishes 23rd or worse will get 15 points for their feature finish.