Regular Divisions



 Howe Racing Enterprises Modifieds:

The second of two premiere divisions at the Big “O” These cars are almost completely Modified (Hence the name) with the one exception of a factory production front clip frame from a 1960 or newer American Made passenger car. These cars have a stock front sub frame with a tubular “made for racing”  style center and rear section of the frame. With the sleek “outlaw” open wheel body on them, they travel the Owosso Speedway in the high 15 / low 16 second bracket and average over 100 mph. This division, first started in the state of Michigan in 1985, has evolved into one of the most popular divisions in the country with their unique body style and open cock pit design. They have always been one of the most exciting divisions to watch year in and year out.


Owosso Auto Mall Sportsman:

The Sportsman Division at Owosso Speedway features cars that are either stock chassis or fabricated chassis with either a Home Built Body or the more sleek Template Body style. This division is for the drivers who are looking for something a little faster to drive than what the Pure Stocks and / or Sport Stocks can offer. There may be other drivers with a Street Stock at a neighboring track who want to add those extra parts and pieces to bring it to the Big “O” and compete at higher speeds without having to build an entirely new car. These cars top out in the high 16 / low 17 second range around the 3/8s (0.375) mile high-banked paved oval with average speeds of over 90 mph.


Chet’s Auto Service Pure Stocks:

If you’re looking for action, keep your eyes on this class as they will never fail to make any race night exciting. These cars are American Made, rear wheel drive cars with a stock frame and relatively stock suspension. These cars will almost always be trading paint with one another as three wide action is commonplace. Powered by a 350 or 400 cubic inch motor, you’ll see lots of horsepower on a smaller tire, creating one of the wildest features of the night. The Pure Stocks race around the 3/8s (0.375) mile high-banked paved oval in the low / mid 19 second range and can get up to 80 mph and more.


Outlaw Super Late Models:

The premiere division at most short tracks for decades, the Outlaw Super Late Models are relegated to traveling to different tracks for special events. These outlaw bodied cars are built for speed and handling and you’ll find the best drivers traveling from all over the Midwest and even Canada piloting these racing machines. These cars will average close to 110 mph around the 3/8s (0.375) mile high banked paved oval with top speeds measured at over 130 mph in the middle of the straightaway. You can expect laps in the mid to upper 14 second bracket, while racing two and sometimes even three wide all night long! An average Outlaw Super Late Model will have upwards of $50,000 and more into a typical operation.