Quaal, Cords, Saumier, Richardson, Workman Win Features

6-13-2020 – Another great night of racing at Owosso Speedway. The Howe Racing Enterprise Modifieds were the first feature: Scott Quaal took the feature win followed by Kyle Hayden 2nd, Dave Christensen 3rd, Robbie Johnson 4th, Scott Lamp II 5th, Nick Lechota 6th, Jordan Pruitt 7th, Jordan Lechota 8th, Jason Parish 9th, Damian Lytle 10th, Dave Parisian 11th, Fred Parisian 12th, Evan Foster 13th, Kyle Smith 14th, Nick Clemens 15th. Scott Quaal was fast qualifier. Nick Lechota and Evan Foster won heat races.

The Geyer Auction Services Sportsman feature was won by Rookie Ryan Cords followed by Hunter Forrester 2nd, Scott Parisian 3rd, Tim Lahar 4th, Rob Sullivan 5th, Russ Cords 6th, Steve Geyer 7th, Dale Spencer 8th. Russ Cords was fast qualifier. Hunter Forrester and Tim Lahar won heat races.

The Owosso Auto Mall Pure Stocks feature was won by Hunter Doutre who was later DQ’d in tech for a motor infraction so 2nd place Lonnie Saumier was declared the winner, followed by Gary Limron, Matt Limron, Nick Johnston, Kyle Callahan, Greg Kidd, Bryan Thompson, Mark Palmer, Jason Spencer, Randy Ewing. Lonnie Saumier was fast qualifier. Nick Johnston won a heat race.

The Muffler Man Truck feature was won by Anthony Richardson followed by Josh Delong 2nd, Greg Long 3rd, Paul Rigda 4th, Charlie Boone 5th, Gregory Long 6th, Brad Reseign 7th, Chad Skeen 8th, Zack Lopez 9th, Jim Harden 10th. Charlie Boone was fast qualifier. Zack Lopez and Josh Delong won heat races.

The Parisian Home Improvement FWD feature was won by Steve Workman with the hat trick Fast Qualifier and heat winner also! Mike Workman 2nd, Herb Freeman 3rd, Scott Popielarz 4th, Jeremy Donnert 5th, Earl Settle 6th, Adam Whitaker 7th, Ollie Workman 8th, Joey Wirt 9th, Ron Crawford 10th, Randy Moore 11th, Damien Watters, 12th, Simon Watters 13th, Kennedi Jernigan 14th, Rodney Page 15th, Jeffery Asmus 16th, Josh Shiver 17th, Abigail Kolb 18th, Steven Garcia 19th. Adam Whitaker and Randy Moore won heat races.

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