The 2020 Season is in Full Swing

2-2-2020 – We are ramping up for the 2020 Season at Owosso Speedway! The “Schedule by Class” is updated. It is the grid schedule you can print off. There may be a couple of tweaks made but nothing major.  The typed in schedule will be updated also so bare with us, we have to type all that in!

The 1099’s were mailed out last week for anyone that made $600 or more during the 2019 season.

We are excited about our Meet and Greet on March 8th at Capitol Bowl in Owosso from 1-4pm. The registration form will be updated and we would appreciate if you would fill that out for us before the Meet and Greet to help make Opening Night go smoother. You may reserve and pay for your slabs at the meeting also. 

Think Spring! Thank you and we look forward to a great 2020 Season!!

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