King Wins Modified Feature at Fall Nationals

9-24-16 – John King won the 50 lap Howe Racing Enterprise Modified feature during the Fall Nationals. 2nd Jason Parish, 3rd Damian Lytle, 4th Josh Ware, 5th Nick Clemens, 6th Buddy Grey IV, 7th Robbie Johnson, 8th Jerry Artuso, 9th Phil Massauch, 10th Donnie Mattison, 11th Dave Christensen, 12th Matt Maki, 13th Loren Short, 14th Dane Long, 15th Chance Rice, 16th Steven Pelky, 17th Brett Hahne, 18th BJ Markoo, 19th Dave Parisian, 20th Mickey Maier, 21st Jon McNett, 22nd Adam Rowe, 23rd Dick Maurer, 24th Mike Luberda, 25th Fred Parisian, 26th Eric Hahne. BJ...

Tom Stone Wins Sportsman Feature at Fall Nationals

9-24-16 – Tom Stone won the Owosso Speedway Sportsman feature during the Fall Nationals. Sebashton Sullivan 2nd, Evan Foster 3rd, Jimmy Stratton 4th, Eric Olsen, 5th, Chris Begg 6th, Larry Plamondon 7th, Jeff Saumier 8th, Jason Praysner 9th, Dale Spencer 10th, Tim Near 11th, Clayton Karl 12th, Jessie Collenge 13th, Mark Abee 14th, Grant Howard 15th, Jeff Karl 16th, Jerry Karl 17th, Tim Lahar 18th, Casey Snover 19th. Jason Praysner, Tim Near and Mark Abee won heat races. Sebashton Sullivan was fast qualifier.

Felver Wins Pro Late Model Feature at Fall Nationals

9-24-16 – Jason Felver ended the 2016 season with fast time and the 50 lap Pro Late Model Feature at the Fall Nationals. 2nd Dan Leeck, 3rd Kyle Crump, 4th Blake Childers, 5th Tony Hoose, 6th Alex Hagon, 7th Chet Allen, 8th Kyle Smith, 9th Curt Genow, 10th Brian Decoct, 11th Justin Holloway, 12th Dave Bigos, 13th Johnny Hayden, 14th Austin Fredwall, 15th Brian Kirksee, 16th Justin Noffsinger. Brian Decoct, Kyle Crump and Austin Fredwall had heat wins.

Lytle Wins Modified Feature on Championship Night

9-23-16 – Damon Lytle proved to be the best of the field in the Howe Racing Enterprise Modified Feature on Championship night. 2nd was Josh Ware, 3rd Dave Christensen, 4th Bud Grey IV, 5th Jason Parish, 6th Robbie Johnson, 7th Nick Clemens, 8th Chance Rice, 9th Larry Wallace, 10th Adam Rowe, 11th Dave Parisian, 12th Jon McNett, 13th Aaron Taylor, 14th Jerry Arturso, 15th Mike Luberda, 16th Dane Long, 17th John King, 18th Fred Parisian, 19th Matt Maki, 20th Nyle Wyler, 21st Phil Massach, 22nd Dick Maurer. DNS Trei Duebel, Tony Basalone, Alex Donnert...